Task Person(s) Responsible Time Success
Initial meetings to discuss instructional needs and how Moodle can achieve the districts educational goals. Director of Information Technology, Superintendent 2 weeks All parties come to a mutual understanding relating to district needs and steps to move forward.
Create project proposal including implementation plan, budget requirements, and timeline. Director of Information Technology, Superintendent, Network Administration Staff 1 month Full plan has been drafted and contains all relevant details.
Purchase any required equipment/materials (i.e. Chromebooks, Server Hardware, etc) as indicated in project plan. Network Administration Staff 2 Weeks When all required materials/equipment arrives and is paid for.
Prepare network infrastructure for Moodle installation. Network Administration Staff 3 Weeks Once the network is optimized, and a server has been prepared, for the installation of Moodle.
Install Moodle on server. Network Administration Staff 1 Week Once Moodle is fully functional and accessible through a web browser.
Test functionality of Moodle and explore its various features. Teachers, Network Administration Staff 1 Month Once everyone has gained a deeper understanding of what Moodle is truly capable of.
Setup Chromebooks to be used in all classrooms which aren't currently equipped with computer hardware. Teachers, Network Administration Staff 2 weeks Once all relevant classrooms have a laptop cart, equipped with Chromebooks, for teachers to use in their instruction.
Begin training teachers on the proper use of Moodle and the Chromebooks. Teachers, Building Principals 3 Months Once all teachers have gone through a training program to be better versed in all aspects of Moodle and the Chromebooks.
Student Orientation/Training. Students, Teachers, Building Principals 3 Months Once all students have been introduced to, and educated on, Moodle and the Chromebooks.
Full Moodle Deployment and Continued Use Students, Teachers Ongoing Once all students have completed at least one class offered through Moodle, and continue to learn and grow by using it for all classes in the future.
Continuing Training (Students/Teaches) Students, Teachers Ongoing All students and teachers will continuously learn about new ways to improve the use of Moodle in the classroom.

Gantt Chart

Download: Adlon-Moodle_Gantt_Chart.xlsx