Welcome to Techno Talk

Hello; my name is Jacob, and welcome to my Information Technology (IT) blog. IT deals with the application of computers to store and manipulate data within a business environment. However, my blog will focus more on IT college students, such as myself, whose journey toward a career in IT only recently began.

I currently attend The University of Akron working on a bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems; my degree focuses mostly on computer networks and networking equipment, such as routers, switches, and firewalls. I also hold several IT related certifications including the CCNP from Cisco, which affords me the ability to work on local and wide-area enterprise networks. These qualifications allow me to talk exhaustively on the subject of IT, especially about the various options for someone just starting out in the field.

My passion for IT dates back about 15 years, when my family got our first PC. I instantly knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Working with technology, particularly Cisco routers and switches, gives me a great deal of satisfaction and joy. After all, everyone should try to find a career they can truly get passionate about.

I intend to write a new blog entry at least every two weeks; you can also follow me on Twitter at the following address: http://twitter.com/TechnoTalk85. I will indicate on Twitter whenever a new entry posts to my blog. Hopefully you will check back soon to learn more about the exciting world of Information Technology.

See you next time.