Routing & Switching - The Foundation of All Networks

Routing & switching serves as a foundation for many of the other Cisco certifications. Every succeeding topic deals with configuring different aspects of Cisco routers and switches. My journey towards Cisco certifications began with earning the original CCNA. This credential focuses solely on the OSI model, routing protocols, IP addressing, basic device security, and switching technologies.

I subsequently earned the CCNP certification in routing & switching. The CCNP delves deeper into topics from the CCNA; however, it also explores some new technologies. Additionally, you need to pass three extremely difficult tests to earn this credential.

First, the CCNP ROUTE exam deals with more advanced routing protocol configurations. You also begin to explore route redistribution and path control mechanisms. Next, CCNP SWITCH explores layer 3 switching and device redundancy. Finally, CCNP TSHOOT gives you various troubleshooting scenarios to solve.

Usually people begin with the routing & switching certifications before continuing into other topics; however, some people may choose another subject to focus on.

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