Training, Practice, and Experience

Many different ways exist to train for a career in Information Technology, but the method you choose depends on the way you process new information. You can begin by pursuing some certifications, going to college, or gaining real world experience; however, combining all of these methods may prove more rewarding.

Getting a degree in Computer Information Systems, or some other IT related concentration, can help put your best foot forward. While knowledge gained from an appropriate degree program can help you learn the basics, you will also obtain valuable resources to begin working in the field.

Certifications also increase your likelihood of getting hired. Starting with the basics, such as the CCENT, A+, or Network+ certifications, can prove yourself competent enough to get your foot in the door. If you really want to impress someone, earning more advanced credentials, like the CCNA, CCNP, or MCSE, can help your chances even further.

However, no amount of training really beats real world experience. You could earn an advanced degree, plus several of the higher level certifications, but employers will still pass you by due to a lack of any practical experience. Finding a simple job, working in the field of IT, can sometimes earn you more respect than all of the degrees and certifications in the world.

Earning a lot of IT credentials can prove invaluable, but don’t forget to complement those qualifications with some on-the-job experience. After all, training helps prepare you for an entry level job, but real world experience permits you to start climbing the corporate ladder.

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