The budget for this project is relatively simple to calculate. Because the Moodle software is completely free, the relative cost for implementing most of this project is fairly inexpensive; however, because the scope of this project includes the acquisition and setup of Chromebooks it will require a bigger budget than originally anticipated. Overall, the total cost of implementing this project will be just under $300,000.00. This includes the purchase of Chromebooks for the entire school district, two servers to create redundancy and load balancing for the Moodle software, the setup of all the hardware/software, and training for teachers & students. This price also accounts for long term recurring costs; however, it will be several years before those prices will come into play.

You can download the budget spreadsheet below to see a breakdown of all these items. 

Budget for Moodle LMS Project

Download: Adlon-Moodle_Budget.xlsx