In conclusion, this plan has outlined the various strategic steps required to implement Moodle, and deploy Chromebooks, in a K-12 school district. This outline has defined the benefits of such a system, and provides an excellent framework from which to create an implementation plan and move forward with deployment. As discussed throughout the various sections of this plan, incorporating a LMS like Moodle not only fosters educational growth, but also encourages a higher level of thinking and independent thought.

The use of Chromebooks also helps teach students the value of technology in education. 21st century skills are crucial to have in today's day-and-age, and students risk getting left behind if they don't learn how to use simple technology tools. Using Moodle and Chromebooks in the classroom should help achieve that goal by exposing students to some new forms of instructional technology.

All in all, this plan provides a nice overview of these technologies, and is a great first step towards moving forward with the project.