Issue 1 - Monday, December 09, 2013

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Issue 1 - Monday, December 09, 2013


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Techno Talk delivers news, advice, and reviews relating to the world of Information Technology (IT). Whether you want to pursue a career in IT, or just aim to acquire some new skills, Techno Talk will help you achieve your goals.

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1) Welcome to Techno Talk - Your Journey Starts Now

2) Routing & Switching - The Foundation of All Networks

3) The World of Cisco Voice - Can You Hear Me Now?



Information Technology deals with the application of computers to store and manipulate data within a business environment; however, for me IT means so much more. My desire to work with computers dates back about 15 years. Once I started exploring the various aspects of IT I immediately knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Working with technology, particularly Cisco equipment, gives me a great deal of gratification. Everyone should find a career they can truly love. In high school I began studying the vast world of Cisco networking. After graduation I earned the A+ and Network+ certifications, but soon realized I would need more education to reach my goal.

Many years later I enrolled in college with plans to pursue a bachelor's degree. I chose Computer Information Systems, mostly to explore the numerous facets of Cisco networking. While pursuing this degree I earned various Cisco certifications, with plans to pursue many more. My determination continues to drive me towards becoming an IT professional.

The world of Cisco technologies may seem endless, but with hard work anyone can achieve greatness in this field. I currently hold certifications in routing & switching and security, with plans to take the CCNA - Voice exam next month. Cisco offers certifications in routing & switching, design, security, voice, video, data center, service provider, service provider operations, and wireless.

While this list may intimidate some people, my e-zine will help aspiring IT professionals navigate this vast landscape. Prepare to enter the exciting world of Information Technology. Your journey starts now.



Routing & switching serves as a foundation for many of the other certifications. Every succeeding topic deals with configuring different aspects of Cisco routers and switches. My journey towards Cisco certifications began with earning the original CCNA. This credential focuses solely on the OSI model, routing protocols, IP addressing, basic device security, and switching technologies.

I subsequently earned the CCNP certification in routing & switching. The CCNP delves deeper into topics from the CCNA; however, it also explores some new technologies. Additionally, you need to pass three extremely difficult tests to earn this credential.

First, the CCNP ROUTE exam deals with more advanced routing protocol configurations. You also begin to explore route redistribution and path control mechanisms. Next, CCNP SWITCH explores layer 3 switching and device redundancy. Finally, CCNP TSHOOT gives you various troubleshooting scenarios to solve.

Usually people begin with the routing & switching certifications before continuing into other topics; however, some people may choose another subject to focus on.



The realm of Cisco voice also provides an endless supply of information to learn. To earn the CCNA - Voice certification you must pass a single exam. This test deals mostly with the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express (CME), but also begins to explore the Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM).

You can then move on to the CCNP - Voice; however, to earn this credential you need to pass five exams. These exams explore the complexity of the CUCM, and deal with much more quality of service than the previous certification. I plan on earning my CCNA - Voice next month, but will probably wait awhile before attempting the CCNP - Voice.

All of these certifications can culminate in a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) credential; however, only 2% of people who earn a CCNP ever attempt the CCIE. You first need to pass a comprehensive written exam followed by an 8-hour hands-on practical exam. Earning a CCIE may seem unattainable right now, but with hard work and determination we can all reach that goal.


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