Designing Multimedia for Instruction allowed for the creation of some exemplary learning materials, and demonstrated how to properly integrate technology in today's modern learning environments. The third ISTE standard for coaches, Digital age learning environments, aligns nicely with the use of digital tools such as these to enhance the educational experience.

  1. ITEC 67432 Designing Multimedia for Instruction

    • Instructional Video

      • My goal for this instructional video was to inform the learner about The Multimedia Principle using Gagne's 9 events as a guide. I used a lecture/slideshow format to deliver the content, and displayed graphics/words, with voice-over, to instruct the viewers.
    • PowerPoint Game

      • The main purpose of this game is to provide the learner with an interactive way of teaching Clark's six e-learning principles. This game may be used after teaching the student these concepts as a way of reinforcing the content. It also provides students with instant feedback by stating if they got a question right or wrong. If the student picks an incorrect answer they will also be told what the correct choice would have been. This game is a great activity to help students master these concepts.
    • Captivate Tutorial

      • The intended audience for this tutorial is anyone who wants to learn more about PowerPoint, and/or the creation of widgets using PowerPoint animations. I would say the difficulty level of this activity would require students to be of high school age or higher; however, students of all ages should be able to learn something by engaging in this tutorial.