The Barberton City School District is located in Barberton, Ohio and consists of a high school, a middle school, and two elementary schools; Barberton serves over 3,700 students spread across these four schools. "The mission of The Barberton City School District is to serve every child by challenging him/her to continuously learn, achieve, and act with purpose and compassion in order to be productive, contributing citizens of the community and the world, and to impact future generations" ( In order to stay in line with this mission statement Barberton has invested $75 million into construction and renovation projects in recent years. All buildings have received modern upgrades and technological improvements; however, they are still lacking some of the fundamental systems which are available to other districts in the area. The implementation of Moodle will allow this gap to become more narrow, and help the district revolutionize the way students learn.

For years The Barberton City School District has been considering the implementation of a LMS like Moodle; however they have just recently begun to research the necessary steps which will be required to make it happen. All schools in the district are relatively new and have been improved even more in recent years. So, the infrastructure is in place, and everyone is on board to try and make this a reality. Almost every college in the area utilizes some type of LMS, so not only will the introduction of Moodle help prepare students for what they can expect after high school, it will also facilitate the kind of learning which creates independent thinkers and scholars.


The expected results of this plan are as follows:

  • To facilitate an academic community which values freedom, peer review, and knowledge sharing.
  • The implementation of a system which has a lower cost of ownership than any other solution on the market today.
  • Creating a unified system which allows for collaboration and synchronous/asynchronous learning environments.

Overall, this plan will outline the necessary steps, skills, and resources which will be required to bring The Barberton City School District into the 21st Century through the implementation of Moodle as a Learning Management System.