Mission Statement

To create a learning environment which encourages collaboration, and fosters independent thought, through the integration of custom learning tools and systems; additionally, to build upon pre-existing technologies as a way to create an enhanced educational experience.


Objective 1 Within the first year, Students will complete at least two courses that utilize Moodle as the primary delivery system for course materials. At least one of these courses must distribute all quizzes and exams (in addition to lecture materials) using Moodle. At the end of these courses students must then submit a survey to judge the effectiveness of the instruction, and the learning curve required, when using Moodle as their primary LMS for the courses.
Objective 2 Within the first year, every teacher will convert at least two of their courses to use Moodle in some way. One of these classes must incorporate all primary aspects of the course (quizzes, exams, lectures, grades, etc.) into Moodle. Additionally, all teachers must take a training course which outlines the features of this new system within the first 3 months of use. (This will be setup by the school district to coincide with the launch of Moodle).
Objective 3 Within the first 3 months, students must communicate with at least 4 other students in different grades and/or schools to demonstrate the level of collaboration which can be possible through Moodle. Students must also use the built in communication mechanisms to ask their teacher(s) at least one question during this time period.