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Instructional Video Design Document


My goal for this instructional video was to inform the learner about The Multimedia Principle using Gagne's 9 events as a guide. I used a lecture/slideshow format to deliver the content, and displayed graphics/words, with voiceover, to instruct the viewers.

Target Audience

My target audience is anyone who wishes to create instructional materials. This video could be applied to any subject or grade level, and is universal across many fields and professions.

Learning Objectives

After watching this video, the learner should be able to:

  • Explain ways to incorporate The Multimedia Principle into educational materials. 
  • Describe the Psychological reasons for the effectiveness of The Multimedia Principle.
  • List the 6 graphic types which can be used to convey various messages in multimedia learning.

Overall Design and Justifications for the Design

Gagne's 9 events of instruction provided me with a nice framework to start with. I attempted to meet each of these events to grab the attention of the viewer and inform them on the subject. The video starts with a short introduction, and attempts to grab the viewer's attention by making them think about a time when they were taught something in the past. It then continues to inform them of the learning objectives and deliver the main content through a combination of text and sample images. I also offer up a few tips for memorizing information, and ask the viewer to recall what was just taught. This will hopefully force them to gauge how well they comprehended the material, and provide proof that using images is far more effective than words alone. The example images will provide samples of the various types of graphics which can be used to instruct others, and should give viewers something to help remember the definitions of each type. Overall, this video should provide a nice example of how to utilize The Multimedia Principle to assist in the learning process.