Rating: 5/5

Pros: Windows 8 Support, Linux Support, Rechargeable, Comfortable, Illuminated.

Cons: None.

I highly recommend this product. Not only does the keyboard exhibit an unmatched level of design and functionality, but it provides an unparalleled typing experience. The K800 represents Logitech’s highest end keyboard; however, Amazon customers can save around 30% off the retail price. This keyboard boasts an impressive number of features, and delivers on the quality expected from a company like Logitech.

The K800’s keys all offer backlit illumination providing an ideal user experience in dark environments. The backlight ingeniously activates when you wave your hand above the keyboard. Late night typing sessions in dimly lit rooms no longer pose any problems.

For a rechargeable keyboard, battery life truly impresses. You can go weeks without needing to plug the device in; however, the included USB cable can recharge the battery quickly and without difficulty. This keyboard represents the apex of modern engineering. Sleek, well-made, and functional describe my feelings toward this device, and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to buy a new wireless keyboard.