During the training and orientation process all students and teachers will be made aware of these rules and strategies for successful, and ethical, use of all computer systems and services. These rules will also be hung around each school as a reference.

Rules for the Use of Moodle

  1. All users must authenticate using proper credentials as issued by school.
  2. No users may share their login credentials with any other user.
  3. The use of profanity in chat rooms or message boards will not be tolerated.
  4. All students must practice safe, legal, and responsible use of all technology systems.
  5. Moodle is restricted to school use only, no one is permitted to use if for recreational or personal activities (unless authorized by teacher beforehand).

Rules for the Use of Chromebooks

  1. All users must authenticate using proper credentials as issued by school.
  2. No users may share their login credentials with any other user.
  3. Chromebooks are property of the Barberton City Schools District, please handle them with care.
  4. Any damage to the Chromebooks is the responsibility of the Student and/or Parent. Up to $150 will be charged to the Student's account in the event they damage a Chromebook and it needs replaced.
  5. All Chromebooks are to remain on-site and shall not be removed from the school building for any reason. All students will be required to check their Chromebook out and back in before/after each class.
  6. Students must fully logoff of all Google Services and Chromebooks at the end of each class period. Since multiple students may use the same Chromebook throughout the day, this prevents students from gaining access to each other's documents.
  7. All Chromebooks will be locked down to restrict browsing to unauthorized websites. Only Moodle, and certain approved educational sites, we be allowed.


The principals will be in charge of coordinating all Training materials and methods. Once the Teachers have been adequately trained, they can create lecture materials for the students. The students will then be able to receive a overview of how Moodle, and the Chromebooks, function. They will also learn how to better utilize Moodle for completing assignment and taking exams. The teachers will then each create a self-paced course in Moodle which their students can progress through to learn how to use all of these new systems and pieces of equipment. Not only will this aid in the teacher's understanding of how to create a course in Moodle, but will educate the students by having them actually progress through a full course and let them play with the various features Moodle has to offer.


The office of Student Accessibility and Engagement will accommodate all students who have extra needs. Contact: 330-555-2343 for more Information.

Various extensions and applications exist which can help foster accessibility while using Google's Chromebook. SpeakIt! for Google Chrome, and Speech Recognition for Google Docs, are just a couple tools which can be used to provide a high level of accessibility for students with special needs.

Technology Assistance

All teachers can contact the IT Department within their school to receive assistance with any problems they may encounter while utilizing Moodle and/or the Chromebooks. While any technical glitches are being addressed, teachers are encouraged to provide physical copies of course materials (if available) so the student can continue learning until all problems have been addressed.