Frequently Asked Questions

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Who would benefit from this e-mail newsletter?

Techno Talk provides information for a multitude of readers, but focuses mostly on college students looking to start a career in Information Technology. However, anyone who enjoys learning new skills, or would like to change careers, could benefit from this newsletter.

How frequently will I receive messages from Techno Talk?

Techno Talks e-mail newsletter gets sent out on a weekly basis. This e-zine only discusses topics relevant to my subscribers. A weekly format helps ensure everyone receives relevant and up-to-date information. Readers can expect to receive a new issue every Monday.

What type on content can I expect from this newsletter?

My focus remains educating individuals who dream of becoming IT professionals; however, you can find material relevant to many different IT related interests. You can expect to see reviews, news, and editorial content all designed to assist aspiring IT professionals.

What qualifies you to discuss Information Technology in such detail?

I attend The University of Akron, while I work towards a degree in Computer Information Systems. Additionally, I currently hold several IT related certifications, including the CCNP from Cisco. For a complete list of my credentials visit the "About Me" page.

How many articles will each edition contain?

Every edition of Techno Talk will contain around 3 to 5 articles; however, article length varies from 150 to 300 words. Subscribers can expect to receive an enlightening mix of topics to help navigate the various aspects of Information Technology. Articles will incorporate relevant facts relating to IT, plus my own opinions and experiences.

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