As I look back on the past two years I can't help but realize how far I've come. When I was first contemplating graduate school I had no idea what I wanted to study. My passion has always been Information Technology, but there aren't really any Master's degree programs which focus on pure IT at a graduate level. Then I saw the Master of Digital Sciences program at Kent State. I thought it looked like something I could get fully behind, and would enhance my currently level of knowledge by adding new skills to my toolbox instead of simply rehashing what I already knew. It took me awhile to figure out my concentration, but I eventual decided to pursue Training Technology. I've always been fascinated by the ways in which people learn, and this degree has helped me to get a better understanding of the types of learning technologies which exist, and how to best incorporate them into the educational experience.

The creation of this portfolio was also a great way to reminisce and remember all of the various topics I've learned on the journey to complete my degree. Posting the various projects and assignments to my portfolio allowed me to not only remember all that I've done, but it was also a nice refresher to help bring everything full circle. Hopefully this portfolio will be a continuously evolving resource to help organize all of my accomplishments in one nice online location.

Overall, I've gone on an amazing journey to complete my degree, and will remember this experience for years to come. I've gained a multitude of new experiences and knowledge to help me achieve my future goals, and hopefully this degree will open up many doors for me. However, you mustn't stop learning just because you've earned an advanced degree. There is always something new to learn, and as long as we all continue to strive for greatness there isn't anything we can't achieve.